Home Fire Safety Check

Despite the building construction in Spain being different to that in the UK, many of the causes of fires remain the same.

Some common causes of fires are:
* Overloaded electrical sockets (Remember Spain has no earth wire)
* Badly fitting or deteriorated gas hose
* Unclean or unattended BBQ
* Discarded cigarettes or candles
* Obvious kitchen issues especially when cooking

Along with these common causes of fire, here in Spain, we have an additional hazard…….Window Bars!

Have you considered how you and your family would get out of your property in the event of a fire with these fitted?

If you are concerned about any of these potential issues, then don’t hesitate in getting in touch for your Home Fire Safety Check.

What is included?

  • Recommended number, type and location for fire detection
  • Best suited extinguisher and/or blanket for associated hazard
  • Professional advice on loading of electrical circuits and ‘housekeeping’
  • Forming an appropriate ‘Family Escape Plan’
  • General professional and expert advice on staying safe within the home