Only 11% of Spanish households have fire detection systems compared to 86% of UK households. Is your home well protected in case of a fire emergency? Get a fire safety check today.

House Fire in Javea

This video was filmed in 2019 on the Arenal in Javea, Alicante. As you can see, even a concrete or stone house can easily catch fire from the misuse of appliances and heating equipment to smoking in bedrooms. In Spain’s hot summer months, temperatures can soar past 40⁰C and teamed with a dry climate, conditions are ideal for fires to break out.

However, you can take measures to avoid a fire at home and ensure the safety of your family and your property. Don’t underestimate how quickly a house fire can act!

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Our Products

Proactive Fire Prevention in Spain is vitally important as the majority of Fire Service cover in the area is done voluntarily. Despite this being a very effective service, however, most volunteers have a main employment and live away from the station. This inevitably causes a time delay in responding to fire calls, making it more crucial to install appropriate detectors and fire fighting equipment.

When installing any fire safety items or equipment in a premises, highest quality products and correct installation is an utmost priority within our company. This is achieved by ensuring our equipment and the installation meets all the standards as laid down in the appropriate British Standard Specification. 

Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms might not prevent fires, but the right alarm can save your life from both fast flaming fires and smoldering smoke.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have been the best-proven way to help stop the fire from spreading within the home as quickly as possible.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are made of fire-resistant materials. They are particularly useful for smothering fat pan fires or for wrapping around a person whose clothing is on fire.

CO2 Detector

A device that detects the presence of CO2 gas in order to prevent poisoning.

First Aid Kit

Filled with the essentials you will need for common accidents and burns.

Our Services


The first step in quality protection is thorough, comprehensive inspection of our clients’ fire protection systems. We do this at absolutely NO cost.


Our team is dedicated to completing each installation in a timely and efficient manner, always prioritizing the needs of our customers.


We know the work doesn’t end after we’ve installed a fire prevention system in a facility. We are dedicated to providing long-term maintenance to all of our clients.